The toughest yet most crucial part of constructing a house is getting the right masonry contractor. There are lots of people who will promise you perfect results after construction, only to disappoint you when the time comes. Finding a good contractor may depend on how much work you put into screening candidates.

The following are tips for finding a Masonry Denver contractor worth your money:

Defining What You Want

First off, know what you’re expecting at the end of the project before you call a contractor in. Forget looking for someone before you even know just what you want from your project or how you think it must be done. Should you bring in a contractor first, he may end up dictating what he wants. Make sure you know what you want and explain it to the contractor as clearly and confidently as possible. If you are unable to get a hold of an idea right away, slow down and know more about the project. This will allow you to ask smart questions and make crucial decisions before the project begins.

Asking for Recommendations

Speak to your friends, relatives, colleagues and even your neighbors who may have hired a Residential Masonry Denver contractor before. Ask them to provide recommendations. When you get a few, follow up. However, don’t use recommendations as your sole screening method. Just because your friend or your relative liked their contractor does not guarantee a positive outcome with your own project.

Background Checking

Log on to the contractor’s website and independent review platforms and look for testimonials from past clients. Know the contractor’s specialty¬† because obviously, not all masonry repair and construction jobs are the same. There are contractors who are more suited for certain types of work than the rest. Definitely, you should choose someone who specializes in the type of project you have.

Looking for References

A good contractor must make a list of references on his website or as requested. Three to five references is a good start, and be sure you call every one of them. Ask them about things that are relevant to you and your masonry project. Find out about their general experience with the specific contractor. Ask permission to visit them so you can see the project for yourself.

Appointment Setting

As soon as you have looked into all the facts, including the feedback obtained from client references, you can begin to shortlist your prospects. Create a list of contractors you feel are the best for your masonry project, then set a meeting with everyone. The meeting will provide an opportunity to know what they offer. You can get a good idea of the contractor’s work ethics and personality. You can also find out if the contractor is honest. At the end of the day, you just want someone you can feel comfortable with.


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